Improver Range Flour for Bread Bun Pav
Improver Flour product range


Bread Flour Improver


A blend of enzymes, emulsifiers, oxidizing agent & permitted additives.

Attacks the broken starch of flour giving reducing sugar and which are readily fermentable by yeast.

Gives consistent alpha amylase activity to flour & uniform gas production during baking to get higher loaf   volume fast oxidizing & dough strengthening. Also improves water absorption of flour which helps in     fermentation of excellent bread, brighteness and even crumb structure.

bread flour improver




Improver for Whiteness in maida & Atta - (Snowhite)


An excellent enzyme active whitening agent for millers & bakers to get brightness by bleaching the yellow     pigments present in wheat flour.

Improves Gas Retention Power of the flour.

Increases enzyme activity and Gluten strengthening.

Improvers Water Absorption Power there by increasing yeild of baked products.

whiteness in atta & maida


Improver for Mill & Chakki Atta


A blend of enzymes, emulsifiers, calcium and permitted additives.

Keeps Roti / Chapati fresh for longer time.

Improves softness and enhances shelf-life.

Improves Whiteness and shining.

Improves Water absorption power.

improver for mill & chakki atta


Improver for Parotha Flour Atta, Noodles, Khari, Faiynee, Bhatoora & Poori etc.


When kneaded, it makes dough into a homogeneous mass.

increases tolerance in dough & improves stretchability.

Improves quality of the flour required for these items to make a thin film of the dough by stretching without      tearing.

Increases Water absorption power (WAP) .

paratha flour, roti, chapati flour


Improver for Mill & Chakki Atta


An excellent special enzyme based products for millers & bakers to get extra brightness by bleaching the      yellow pigments present in wheat flour and further improves Gas retention Power of the Flour.

Increases enzyme activity and Gluten strengthening.

Improves Water absorption power thereby increasing yield of baked products.

flour for bread and other bakery items


Vitamin Pre-mix


Essential additives to be added by the Flour Mill Industry as per guidelines fixed by the State Civil Supply      Corporations in the various States for Flour Fortification under P.D.S. Drive.

A blend of Iron + Folic Acid.

flour with vitamins